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Who knew turtles could be such an inspiration?

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Last post in this account.

Hi all, as mentioned several times over the past month or so, I’m not going to be using this account anymore. The reason being that I’ve made a tumblr for my experience teaching ESL in Seoul. That blog’s over at if any of you are interested.

This is my last post in this account, since I’ve pretty much got everything set up on gokimmigo the way I want it now. To those of you who don’t feel like following me there, thanks for following me here! I know I don’t really interact much with my followers (something that hopefully will chance at my new url?) but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you guys. <3

So yeah! Give me a shout over on my new blog if you want, or follow, or don’t, there’s no pressure. There’s going to be a mix of stories from my new life abroad and the reblogs I do here. Possibly a bit less of the reblogs just because I’ve been giving the gokimmigo url to my family for them to check out as well, but they’ll still make their appearances.

Love ya! <3


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Sometimes I like to make things… such as Maester Aemon’s scroll to the lords of Westeros… from the finale of season 3 of Game of Thrones, "Myhsa".

Maester Aemon implores you…!

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OK BBC, I won’t say I’m disappointed since this is still pretty interesting

but I think everyone can agree on that top link being misleadingly worded

Also just a note about the swastika on its stomach: when I was in Seoul last summer it caught me really off guard to see symbols very similar to the swastika on various buildings around the city, mostly relating to Buddhism. It’s a really fracking old symbol that’s got a bad rep now. =/

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