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Watching the 2012 MAMAs just now…

OHMYGOD EXO DOING MIROTIC ACTUALLY MADE ME CRY. Because Mirotic was the first song from DBSK where I was in the loop when they started promoting it. It was the first time I was watching promotions live, as opposed to several years later. And it was the last time I really saw them on stage as 5 in Korea. And it makes me so, so sad. DBSK are my babies. I am so emotional right now frig. 


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Question: What would you do as individuals if TVXQ was to break up?

Yunho: ”If that does happen, I’ll gather all my members again, as leader of TVXQ.”
Jaejoong: ”I’ll probably become a top vocalist, as a TVXQ member.”
Yoochun: ”I’ll be composing songs and lyrics. Our TVXQ songs.”
Junsu: ”Hmm… How about soccer? playing a game of soccer with the members is fun.”
Changmin: ”Well, since I’m the most vulnerable maknae, I’ll have to stick with my hyungs.”

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Once, Jaejoong convinced Changmin and Junsu to go inside their van and locked Micky out of the van. Micky came and knocked but the three just laughed and laughed inside. Micky called his mobile phone but the three won’t answer him. He knocked and knocked but the three continued on laughing inside. Yunho came out of the apartment and knocked once. The three stopped laughing and open the van immediately.

Must reblog every time its on your dash. Cassie Law

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